World’s 15 most-downloaded apps on iPhones, iPads

World's 15 most-downloaded apps on iPhones, iPads
World's 15 most-downloaded apps on iPhones, iPads

Wonder which are the most popular apps among iPhone and iPad users across the world? The free apps that are most-downloaded by Apple device users across the world. In other words, the apps that are ruling the App Store in various countries. Take a look at these World’s 15 most-downloaded apps on iPhones, iPads.

World’s 15 most-downloaded apps on iPhones, iPads

India: WhatsApp (Social Networking)

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been ranked as the most-downloaded app in India. This instant messaging app is free and is used by billions of people across the world. Recently added features include live location sharing and delete a sent message.

Germany: WhatsApp (Social Networking)

Number one in Germany too, WhatsApp uses Wi-Fi or carrier data connection, leverages existing phone contacts lists, and provides support for group chats. Desktop app is also available.

USA: Sweatcoin – Coin For Sweat App (Health and Fitness)

The most-downloaded app in the US during the week is this fitness app that converts the users’ steps into currency units called Sweatcoins. These Sweatcoins can then be used to buy goods, services & experiences ranging from anti-gravity yoga classes to high-tech shoes.

UK: Balls Race (Games)

This gaming app is quite simple yet addictive. This app requires users to control a ball that is already in motion and overcome the obstacles that come in the way to finish the task.

Canada: Finger Driver (Games)

Another gaming app from the same developer as above, this app is also a challenging app that requires users to drive their cars, keeping it from falling off the road and taking it as far as possible.

Australia: X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy (Productivity)

This productivity app lets users surf internet free and anonymously. It also allows switching regions and is completely encrypted. It also secures your internet connection from potential tracking, stealing or hacking.

China: Millionaire Hero (Games)

The app that has topped the list of most-downloaded app in China is Millionaire Hero. It is a multiple-choice quiz in which winners can split the prize pot among themselves.

France: Snapchat (Social Networking)

Widely popular self-erasing instant photo messaging app, Snapchat offers multiple image effects and geo-tags. The app has an increasing support for media publishers.

Greece: Messenger by Facebook (social networking)

Facebook’s messaging app Messenger is the week’s most-downloaded app in Greece. It offers features like group chat, photo and video creation and sharing, free calls over Wi-Fi and expressive stickers.

Japan: Knives Out (Games)

Japan’s most-downloaded app is one of a number of unofficial mobile spins on PC gaming craze “PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds.”

Russia: Joom (Shopping)

An online shopping app, primarily fashion stuff for both men and women, it also sells beauty products, electronic gadgets, children’s goods, products for home and garden.

South Korea: Royal Blood (Games)

This massively popular multiplayer action role-playing game has event-driven quests for players to overcome together.

Spain: Parcheesi STAR (Games)

Popularly known in India as Ludo, this app is an online multiplayer version of the classic board game. It even has in-app chat and emoji support.

United Arab Emirates: BOTIM – video calls and chat (Social Networking)

This app is quite similar to WhatsApp and offers instant messaging feature as well has voice and video calls and supports photos, videos, voice messages share.

Hong Kong: Mobile Betting Service Mobile Betting Service (Entertainment)

This betting service allows users to bet on activities like horse racing and football. It has


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