Things Designers Really Hate to Hear

Things Designers Really Hate to Hear

To be a professional designer is a pretty awesome career. Designers get to combine their creative visions with practical knowledge of designing. They work on various artistic projects that keep their days from being boring. They make unique artistic things and then people interact with their work.Their intense design sense gives them really high ranks on the best professions’ list. Since, All aspects of the this profession are not rosy. Few times, very wired interactions happens  with colleagues and clients that becomes very frustrating. But there are few Things Designers Really Hate to Hear from clients or boss. 

Designers are in regular contact with kind of folk who don’t  know a bit of designing work but they are very comfortable to tell that how to design. Whether they are commissioned by a client  or instructed by account managers they patience of a Monk.

Things Designers Really Hate to Hear

Admiration will not get you out of this one. Designers know all the things too well that creating a design without having a clear knowledge of the project in advance almost always leads to differences and caused more work. If you don’t want to write a detailed description of project then please don’t be surprise if you end up with a design that has nothing in common with your expectation.

It’s so Tiny. Why does it costs so much?

If you are paying your designer for their creativity and skills that  they put into their work, then don’t judge for the number of pixels the project. Sometimes a simple looking design comes from a lot’s of complex process.They can’t explain you each and every single process.

Make it Pop !

Some of the reasons designers despise this line include:

  • 1-They’ve heard it a zillions times.
  • 2-Making something “pop” often translates into making a mess out of the draft.
  • 3-What does it even mean?

Don’t Worry! It Shouldn’t take you long.

Do you know it just because you have many years of experience working as a designer yourself? No? Then why you are making these assumptions. Trust us. You never want half-baked cake they why you judge half designs.

Just One more tiny Change. 

This kind of workflow will certainly to bring your designer to tears. For a time being let’s set their emotions aside. If you request revisions again and again that indicates that you are not sure about the project. Some levels of changes always takes place  and that’s a really good thing! But it should have to be performed in a smart and productive way in order to saves everyone time and effort.

I want more emphasis on the sale button.

Got it…You wants more sale on your online store. That’s natural.But in web design, bigger and bold doesn’t always mean better.

Just Photoshop it. 

You may know many peoples have great skillet, who are wizards of Photoshop, but it doesn’t mean they can make every possible request  just by waving their wand in air. 

So you can do it today!

If there isn’t any real emergency, and you can afford to pay for it, then there isn’t any reason to expect a task within hours. You are also a professional, so you can respect what it means to have a tight schedule.

Those guys had this amazing campaign. Can we do it !

You are working with a professional person to make something creative. Don’t you want to see what a unique things they can create for you and your brand? Don’t suffocate their inspiration with your negative vibes .

I already do lots of work and designed the logo by myself.

You wants to have delicious food but would you ever go into a restaurant and tell the chef that what are you doing with food, please add my own spice mix to enhance the flavor? May be not. Please let the designer do their work and trust their knowledge. May be you are genius but they have also done studies of their field. They are not dumb.

I want my design to be absolutely unique!

That’s right that you wants your designs to stand out. But you should have to clear your thoughts,don’t confuse this with the design that is out of this world. Sometimes, it’s an impossible demand !!


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