The world’s most underrated destinations


The world is full of charming and smashing sites, but every place is not getting equal amount of love and attention. Some places are overrated while some are underrated. Here we are going to tell you about the world’s most underrated destinations.


Scotland is the world’s most underrated destination. People acknowledged the “dreary weather”, but were quick to praise the culture-rich cities, postcard-worthy landscapes and friendly locals. Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is a great place to get acquainted with the country. Its imposing castle, incredible literary history and lively festival season (in August) are all ingredients for an exciting city break.
But Scotland’s real drawcard is its natural wonders. The North Coast 500, a driving route charting Scotland’s Northern Highlands, makes for an epic road trip, while the Isle of Skye is home to some of the country’s most impressive scenery, from the rocky Man of Storr to the glittering Fairy Pools. From neolithic villages to towering citadels, Scotland has man-made wonders aplenty too. It’s time to book that trip, whether it’s a Scottish cruise or a tour of the country’s hidden highlights.


A tiny archipelago in the Mediterranean, Malta is home to less than half a million people. But what the country lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty. Its islands are peppered with intriguing historic sites, and its craggy coastline and crystal-clear waters are a dream for divers.

Malta’s compact capital is worth talking about too. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Valletta is the 2018 Capital of Culture, and its ancient piazzas and palazzos have been spruced up for the occasion. A trickling of boutiquey bars means it’s no slouch when it comes to nightlife either. It should be firmly on your travel wish list.


“Mountains, lakes, forests and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.” It’s Wales’ natural beauty that got plenty of votes. From sprawling Snowdonia to the Brecon Beacons, Wales’ national parks are geared up for adventures, with world-class hiking, biking and boating. The latter is one of the planet’s greatest stargazing spots too.
The country is also home to some of Britain’s most beautiful towns. Portmeirion could be plucked straight from Italy, a knot of colorful buildings clustered around lush gardens and a central piazza. Then there’s St Davids: the smallest city in Britain, dominated by a hulking 12th-century cathedral. Wales is well worthy of a spot in the top three.


It’s fair to say that Portugal has been enjoying a moment recently, and it takes fourth place on this list. The country is often overshadowed by sun-baked Spain, but Portugal has beaches, cities and wine regions to rival its more popular neighbor.  Sintra, a hilltop town with unusual architecture in the country’s west, and the windswept beaches of the Algarve, as must-visit spots.

The cities are worth a visit too. Lisbon, Portugal’s pretty capital, is a dream to explore on foot: get lost in the narrow streets the city’s oldest district, or enjoy the sunshine in the tranquil Jardim da Estrela. A colorful tangle of buildings on the Duoro river, Porto, Portugal’s second city, deserves a share of the limelight as well.


Romania is perhaps best known as the supposed home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula – and it takes the fifth spot in this underrated destinations list. The region of Transylvania, with its turreted fortresses and forest-clad mountains, is at the center of Stoker’s story, and it’s easy to see why. Transylvania’s Bran Castle certainly has an air of the supernatural about it.
Romania has a lot more to offer besides myth and legend though. Bucharest, the compact capital, is well worth exploring. The hulking Palace of Parliament and the large National Art Museum are two of the highlights. There’s plenty for adventure seekers too: Piatra Craiului National Park, tucked in the Carpathian Mountains, has some of eastern Europe’s most scenic hiking trails.


“Outstanding museums”, “expansive beaches” and “Beautiful castles and churches in abundance.” We are keen to tout Poland’s charms, from its intriguing cities to its pretty Baltic coastline. But it’s no secret that Poland has had a tumultuous past, and a trip to Auschwitz concentration camp, close to Oświęcim town, will give you some poignant perspective.
Beyond this, Poland’s cities are in flux, modernizing fast, but with one eye always on the past. Kraków is perhaps the most beautiful: it survived bombings in WWII and its medieval architecture remains gloriously intact. Warsaw bears more war scars than its southern sister, and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews here is a fascinating look at Jewish history.


Visitors starry-eyed over the States may forget its quieter and more laid-back neighbor. But the Canada 150 celebrations put it in the limelight last year – and the world woke up to the country’s charms, from its stunning provincial parks to dynamic cities.
Readers praised Canada’s “lovely long beaches”, “stunning lakeside towns” and its year-round beauty. Indeed, nowhere else on Earth embraces the seasons quite like Canada: it explodes in red and amber in autumn and sports a blanket of glistening snow in peak winter. The friendly people will ensure you have a great trip too.


For such a little country, England packs in a lot. There’s the bustle of big cities, the charm of seaside towns and the rolling green countryside. But this tiny nation is often overlooked in favor of places with a little more sunshine – and those who do visit England might not venture beyond the capital.
But England is worth braving the rain for. The Lake District, which gained UNESCO status in 2017, is a hiker’s paradise, while (in the right light) the sandy beaches of the southwest coast could be mistaken for the Mediterranean. And, if things really are rained off, the many historical landmarks and museums mean finding an indoor pursuit will be no problem at all. Check out our guide to England’s hidden highlights here.


The Taj Mahal might be one of the most photographed landmarks on Earth, but vast swathes of India are still off the tourist radar.  “breathtaking colors, cultures and food” as reasons to travel beyond the obvious and give this south Asian country a chance.

From the rush of Delhi to the calm backwaters of Kerala, and from the brilliant temples of Madurai (pictured) to the pink palaces of Jaipur, India can be an assault on the senses but, once you’re settled in, it’s nothing short of intoxicating. It’s a country you’ll want to return to time and time again.


Once a favorite with Brits for a fly-and-flop escape, Turkey has seen its visitors numbers plummet in recent years, mainly due to security concerns. But there’s a reason this country was once Britain’s beach destination of choice. From the lounger-lined sands of Antalya to the blue waters of Bodrum, Turkey is a beach bum’s dream.
Turkey is no one-trick pony though: it’s got history and culture aplenty. Head to Istanbul to wander the Grand Bazaar, marvel at the Blue Mosque and take in the glorious Hagia Sophia – or make the trip to Ephesus to explore the ruins of this ancient city.



The luck of the Irish earned the country 11th place on this list. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with gusto in various corners of the world – but people still think the Emerald Isle deserves a little more love. Unfazed by the notoriously drizzly weather, voters applauded Ireland’s stunning scenery, from the Cliffs of Moher to the stark beauty of Killarney National Park.
Peoples are fond of Ireland’s “fantastic food” and “amazing coastline” – and were won over by the “charming people” too. Whether you’re shucking oysters at Galway Bay or guzzling Guinness in one of Dublin’s fabled pubs, you’re sure to get a warm Irish welcome.


Fairy tale Lake Bled is Slovenia’s best-known sight, but the country has much more to offer beyond – and, it’s time to give this European country a chance. Voters praised Slovenia’s “stunning scenery”, “unspoiled villages” and the burgeoning wine regions too.
Ljubljana, the country’s quaint capital, has come into its own following a stint as European Green Capital in 2016. It has all the usual trappings: a quaint old town, a glittering river, and a slew of new foodie spots, including a colorful street food market established in 2013. It’s easy on the pocket too.


“Beauty beyond anything I have ever seen,” is all about Sri Lanka.The postcard-worthy beaches are refreshingly pristine, lapped by the Indian Ocean, and its misty jungles brim with colorful wildlife.
Then there’s the food. From fresh seafood, caught by fishermen using traditional stilt methods, to simmering curries, sweet and spicy, Sri Lanka’s cuisine alone is worth traveling for. The only thing missing is the tourist droves – perhaps it’s time to take that trip.


From the glittering salt pan of Salar de Uyuni to an unspoiled swathe of the Amazon jungle, Bolivia truly packs a punch when it comes to natural wonders. But it remains one of South America’s least-visited countries.
Most tourists plump for the celebrated sites of Brazil and Peru, leaving Bolivia’s underrated offerings gloriously pristine. But readers touted its “blood-red lake and smoking volcanoes” as just a couple of reasons to take a trip.


Egypt is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the immense Pyramids of Giza, and much more besides. But this sun-baked north African country still isn’t getting the attention it deserves.
Security concerns have led to a dip in tourism over the past couple of years. But those who make the trip are rewarded with otherworldly desertscapes, the intricate mosques of Cairo, and the ancient towns, tombs and temples along the Nile Valley. The curious city of Alexandria, with its awesome library, is worth a visit too.


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