How To Start Increasing Your Facebook Page Likes

How To Start Increasing Your Facebook Page Likes

No doubt Facebook is the biggest and the most admired social networking site in the world. There are over a millions users around the world and is a best platform to attract potential clients.From writer to entrepreneurs and public figures everyone have a page on Facebook. On that page, they might be posting there thoughts or updates in order to get more followers and gain more likes. If you also have a Facebook page and you are struggling in getting more Facebook likes then you should have to read this article.Get to know How To Start Increasing Your Facebook Page Likes.

Why do you have to work on getting likes?

You may have this question in your mind.Well, if you have a huge numbers of likes on your Facebook page, you can drive a large amount of traffic on your website. You can also promote other people’s products to make sales and earn money with it. If you have huge number of likes on your page then people will trust you that you are representing a brand or can be helpful.

Simple Ways to Get Likes On Your Page

Let me tell you few of the simple ways that you can use to get the initial boost on your Facebook page. These options are right before you and most of the people use them but may be for some reason, you are not able implementing these methods. So let’s begin with the these simple methods.

1. Set Up Your Page Timeline

If you are creating a Facebook page the first thing you have to do on your page is upload a attractive profile picture and cover picture on your page that represents motto of your page.

Then move to the About section of your page and fill up all the details with relevant information so that people will be able to find your page easily.

2. Invite Your Friends

After updating details you have to get likes. You need to invite your friends to like your page by sending them invite messages.You can do this automatically from your Facebook page.

On the left-hand side of the page, below your page’s profile picture, you will see a small box like in the image below. Click on the “Invite Friends to Like This Page” option.

You will see a complete list of all your friends. On the right hand side of your friends’ name, there will be an button of “Invite”. Click on that button to send an invitation to your friends.

3. Ask Friends To Invite Their Friends:

You can also ask your friends to use the “Invite Friends to like this page” option to send an invite to their friends list.

4. Prepare A Posting Schedule and Stick to It

If you are thinking that by posting 10-20 times a day, you will get a lot of likes and engagement, then you are wrong, my friend. If you are able to engage more people in your status and updates, chances of getting more shares and likes may be increases.

Unless you write something meaningful and useful, you are not going to see any user engagement. Remember that quality always wins over quantity.

5. Add Facebook Like option on your Website

You can also add a Facebook Like box option on your website in order to convert your new visitors to regular ones.

How to Get More Facebook Page Likes?

1. Be Consistent

Post at least once in a day but if you are not able to do it then post at least 5 times in a week so that you can be on “top of mind” for your Fans.

2. Time it right

No one can predict the best time for a post but try to post is around noon to 1:00 pm and if you want to get more clicks, then you should post an update at 3:00 pm. The best time to post will depend on the type of business you’re in.

3. Use eye-catching images

Images are the most shared piece of content on Facebook . Alternate photos and video with text-only updates.

How do you find awesome, eye-catching images?

4. Keep it short

According to some research tweets that are under 100 characters get 17% higher engagement than longer ones. Facebook is not much different. Shorter messages tend to perform better.

5. Be relevant

A great way to remain relevant is to use the Status Ideas Engine and Content Library in Post Planner to post engaging statuses and trending content from various sources.

Your content should let your audience know that you know who they are.

6. Offer value

Before you share something on Facebook ask yourself if you think your Fans will find value in the content.If they don’t find any value in it, they won’t share it!

7. Be entertaining

If your followers like funny memes or respond well to video, take note. Use the type of media that works best for your audience.

8. Create At Least 2 Pages:

This might be something new for you, it’s new for me as well but Having 2 pages with the same topic and most of the times, the same content can actually increase your Facebook page likes.

This happens because just like Google, Facebook too gives more weight to something that has been shared by more than one source. In this case, the same link being shared by 2 pages.

So if you are serious about any niche, then you should try this method out because if it’s working for someone else, then it can work for you too.

Get more likes on your Facebook page by creating two separate pages.



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