Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

If you’re the type of person who can’t stand outside for an hour without gaining a host of new bug bites, then this article is for you. Don’t let another summer pass by in itchy despair — instead, rid yourself of the mosquito problem once and for all! Using only your green thumb and a bit of time in the garden, you can create a pest-free oasis free of buzzing and biting. Here are Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes your outdoor living space.


Basil is so effective at repelling mosquitos (and adding a delicious flavor to Italian fare!) that you’ll want to grow it all around your house. Windowsills, porches, the garden . . . the possibilities are endless!


Some studies report that catnip is 10 times more repellent to mosquitos than sprays, so this plant is a big win for gardeners. Bonus: if you’ve got a cat, they’ll get plenty of entertainment from any catnip you plant!

Floss Silk

Mosquito-repellent manufacturers often use this flower because of its repulsive odor (to mosquitos, not to humans). While it’s not the easiest plant to grow, it makes a beautiful sight in any garden!


Easy to care for, gorgeous, and gets rid of annoying mosquitos . . . is there any reason not to plant geraniums in your garden?

Lemon Balm

To utilize lemon balm’s repellent properties, simply pick some of the fresh leaves, crush them between your palms, and then rub on your exposed skin.

Penny royal

This flower is used not only to repel mosquitoes, but also to rid gardens of fleas and other pesky insects. You can also add it to hot water to make a menstrual-cramp-curing tea!


After crushing blades of citronella, you can either combine it with other repellent blooms to make a salve or simply apply it to your skin for instant relief.


Lavender oil repels mosquitos and makes a great perfume; plus, your garden will never smell better than when lavender is in bloom!

Lemon Thyme

The citrusy aroma of this plant drives away annoying bugs (like mosquitos) and attracts helpful ones (like bumblebees). You can also dilute crushed leaves to create a skin salve that won’t cause irritation.


“Marigolds have a scent that [bugs] HATE and the added bonus of being easy to grow and lovely to look at,” reports The Happier Homemaker. “Marigold plants contain pyrethrum, a commonly used insect repelling chemical found in many insect repellents.”


Mint’s aroma repels mosquitoes that would otherwise enjoy buzzing around your home, and the plant also offers plenty of perks in the kitchen. Fresh mint tea, anyone?


Rosemary naturally repels mosquito from your garden and can also be combined with other herbs to create a repellent salve for skin.


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