You are allowed to brake these rules Now

You are allowed to brake these rules Now

With the passing time everything need to change. In old time we were bound to follow a lots of rules in order to maintain the code and conducts of a organization but now  you are allowed to brake these rules Now. Everyone who are doing anything first time they needs some advises  to their best in interview and get a desired job. Here are few advice to candidates. Here are few advises for the candidates who are seeking for job.

You are allowed to brake these rules Now

Rule-1 You can not contact the hiring manager by yourself.
Now-  If you are not hearing back from employer then you have right to contact.

Rule-2 You will be paid what your last job was paying you, or a little more.
Now- Just because the last employer took advantage of you, does not mean the next one should.

Rule-3 Your resume should be full of buzzwords to capture attention of keyword-seeking recruiters.
Now- Keyword-seeking recruiters are not likely to find you a job. Good recruiters seek value, not buzzwords.

Rule-4 If you do not hear anything back, wait and be patient.
Now- Let them be patient when you refuse the offer because you found something better.

Rule-5 Candidates are doormats, and everyone is allowed to walk all over them.
Now- How they treat candidates shows how they treat employees.Good companies will go out of their way to impress you.

Rule-6 You should stay in the job you hate just because you just started there recently.
Now- Good hiring managers do not prejudge candidates on the basis of them having too many jobs on the resume.

Do not work where you hate, or else Work somewhere where your loyalty, hard work and honesty are celebrated and appreciated.
Life is too short for anything else.
Agree ?


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