Important elements of design a good website

Important elements of design a good website

Design a website  is not a big issue but designing a website that is technically sound and having good look is really a tough task. Here I am sharing few Important elements of design a good website.

Important elements of design a good website.

Element 1-Good visual design

Visual effect is combination of all visual elements of website like logo, font, theme, white spaces etc.

Element 2- Website theme

Currently flat design is in trend. Flat design is known for its simplistic appearance. Instead of using three-dimensional effects and other design techniques, flat designs use simple illustrations that typically have bright colours.

Element 3- Web font

The web was once filled with a only few of typefaces – Arial and Courier come to mind – because they were readable by most computers and browsers. That is no longer a limitation for designers. But web fonts are still important for two key reasons – compatibility and licensing. By using a web font service, type is type on the web, which is important for search engine optimization, and designers don’t need to make images out of their type to maintain a certain look.

Element 4-Realistic logo

Logo represent the overall description of your work so use the logo which suits best for your work.

Element 5- Colour combination

colour that you choose is completely effect your whole website. In a technical point of view you can’t add bright colours in same place like red, green, blue etc at a same place.

Element 7- Informational footer

A footer is the how you can connect to your audience with a lot’s of information without getting in the way of the design. Because the footer is at the bottom of the page, it is a logical location for a small site map, company details or contact information, links and context for your site.

Make the footer useful and keep it simple. Whether you opt for a couple of buttons or link-style design, the footer should be designed to mesh with your site but may have a much more minimalistic feel. Make it easy to use.

Element 8- Unique Typography

Typography adds richness and visual interest to all type of designs.It is the arrangement of familiar sets of shapes to make words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Most companies have a particular family, style, and size of a font, or typography, that they used that helps their customers immediately identify them versus their competitors. In recent years the selection of fonts that they can use on their website. Designers can have a broader selection of fonts to choose from on their websites.

Element 9- Responsive Images

Large responsive images conform to any screen size whether you are viewing the image from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. That means that you will be able to view the image clearly without scrolling up and down and side to side.

We uses large photo background as well as the design element of making it responsive.

Element 10- Navigation

Properly give the navigation link on your website. It should be visible on website. Don’t give hidden link on your site. keep it simple. Name shouldn’t complicated Name it as customer can easily guess.Make it easy to find key information.

Element 11- Call to action page

Action pages are basic forms like signup, login etc. Here we have to ask  only for necessary information. Select the right size for the page. Proper placement of link and colour is important factor.

Don’t mislead your client with wrong content, be straight forward and tell them what you are doing or which type of services you are providing.

Element 12- Stylish buttons

Every button on a site should be recognizable as a button. They should have the same shape, design effects and feel regardless of purpose or location. Creating a distinct set of buttons can be somewhat of a daunting task for sites with a lot of click-able items.

Element 13- Social existence

Prove your social existence by providing link of your social networking site. Also provide view of social activities.


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