Find Out what your lips say about your personality

Find Out what your lips say about your personality

It’s proven fact that anybody’s face is like an mirror of their personality and life, if you have knowledge how to read anybody’s face then you can know about anybody very easily. Lips are an important part of face, beautiful lips means beautiful face. Lips make your face more attractive. Samudra Shastra is describes all about how your character/life/personality could be according to your body parts. Here I am going to tell you what your lips say about your personality.Here you can Find Out what your lips say about your personality. 

Red Lips 

People with red haves tempers issues, they remains excited about new things/places etc. Sometimes it’s get difficult for them to control anger.

Colorless Lips

People with colorless and thin lips are usually having fake personality. Being secretive is part of their nature. They used to observe more and speak less.

Thick Lips

People with thick lips are very moody, emotional and sometimes manipulative too.

Light Pink Lips

People having light pink lips are friendly in nature. They are kind, generous and are usually everyone’s favorite.

Protruding Lips

People having protruding lips haves fear inside them and they are scared of upcoming events. It may be possible that they had faced a lot in their life that’s why they are scared of everything basically from upcoming future.


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